Amazing Unique Daily Inspirational Quotes Free App Reviews

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Great but social media doesnt work

I did not give it 5 because the Facebook option and sometimes the other social media button such as twitter are not working! Everything else is fine! The quotes are really great! Thank you!

Soul search

Sometimes we need a few words to lift us up, offer clarity, remind us of the true beauty of life.

Focus on the important things!

I love the messages! Its so important to realize what the big things are in life!


Good inspiration puts things in perspective


Thanks all quotes are awesome!!!

Daily Quotes

I absolutely love the daily quotes. More often than not, they evoke a certain feeling that motivates and encourages me to continue on my success oriented entrepreneurial journey.

I like it

Very deep statements. Think about them and they really make sense.

Uninspiring Apps Needs Help

This app which I thought be be very inspirational for me in my life. Actually does the very opposite. There were days that the quote would not change but remain the same. You press the scream to allow the quote to be seen, yet remove your finger and it disappears. You can not add it to a favourites list or save if to come back to. This is not a user friendly app for my daily inspiration. It is uninspiring and it isnt the app I goto first for my daily quotes. They should redo this app and allow it to have more features to add to a favourites list or a list to go back to at any time. Whats with the pressing button to revile the quote? The font needs to be darker so its easier to read. Ive now removed this app as its not the right one for me!


I start everyday with this app. Its a great kick start for me. Excellent app!


Nice very motivative


Its easy and nice looking

Just what I needed

Love the quotes and how they apply. The motivation is just what I needed and wanted.

Great fun app

Fun sayings from famous and not so famous people!

Always needed!

Inspiration is ALWAYS needed!

Very uplifting words!!!

Words that make u believe in yourself and take u closer to GOD. Keep up the good work!!!

~ Focus ~

Whatever you consciously focus on materializes in your life - I do believe this - so why not focus on positive things. This app provides inspiring quotes to motivate individuals to focus on success and positive outcomes. Though the app does crash quite a bit that is only a minor annoyance compared to the benefits.

Love it

Great way to start the day. Love how you can save your favourites

Awesome app

It brightens my day every time I read a quote!!! :D

Love it

I love this app it has so many great quotes

Love it

Simple, refreshing.

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